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Weather Education Sections

Basic and advanced meteorology

This page is broke down into two sections. The first, weather basics focusing on clouds, fronts and some other basic information. The section is for people that are looking for an introduction to meteorology. The second section, advanced meteorology focuses on model interpretation, environmental factors for tornadic activity and various tech papers.

3-D image of a storm in NE Missouri from GR2Analyst.

Weather Basics

1. Cloud Types
2. Inside a Thunderstorm. Explanation of how hail, microburst's and tornadoes occur in a storm
3. Fronts and Air Masses
4. Cloud associated with different fronts
5. Weather Terms
6. How to use our website
7. Understanding weather watches and warnings

Advanced Meteorology

1. TVS Signatures created by strong straight line winds, case study (Grumm)
2. The Severe weather indices page
3. Tornado's in low cape environments, case study (Davis)
4. Initiation of Storms on possible HCR. May 3rd, 1999 (Edwards & Thompson) Note parcel data from soundings
5. Severe Local Storm Forecasting (Johns & Doswell)
6. Effective SRH and Bulk Shear in Supercell Thunderstorm Environments (Thompson, Mead, Edwards)
7. Application of Hodographs to Forecast Severe Thunderstorms  (Doswell)
8. Hodographs, Wind Shear, and Tornadoes (Ray)


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